Breakfast (Doris tried herself 🙂 ) – and then to Temple of Horus at Edfu – by carriage! nice… sooo many horses… 🙂

We had someone else in our group – but I don’t go into too much details – she was a bit tiring from time to time 🙂

Emad is great again – even though we figured out only later that he wasn’t feeling that well.

Back to the ship an sail to Kom Umbu. Doing some work on the sun-deck – not too bad to work from here (In general I really only worked like 2 hours that week – which shows how exciting everything was!!!).

Unfortunately in Kom Umbo (again very interesting Temple and story) – Emad had to leave to see a doctor, but with  Ashraf we had a perfect „substitution“. Thanks Emad and get well soon!

Ashraf and his stories were as interesting as the temples for me 🙂

And I got my shisha again this evening – Only small issue was, that the ship stated it sails at 19:00. I asked Ashraf how „exact“ timing is and he mentioned we are in Egypt! I’m unsure if he knew the exact departure time – because when i was having my shisha at about 19:15 he asked when the ship sails – and I replied „at 19:00“ – we then went quickly, and it seems that they were waiting for us (They gave us „card“ we had to return, and as long as not all cards are returned they don’t sail – so I was quite sure they will wait a bit – hey this was MY shisha 🙂 ) – One ship (I think it was ours) was already blowing the horn when we came back (and other ships had to wait as well – as ours was the „outmost“ at the dock 🙂

Nice experience!

Sail to Aswan.