We started in the morning again, Mohamed picked us up and checked out at Longchamps. On the way to the airport for our flight to Luxor we went to Mokattam to also see the „other side“ where tourists normally do not go (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zabbaleen). We visited the „Saint Samaan the Tanner Monastery“ – which is build into the stone:

Then we visited the „Mother Teresa’s Sisters of Charity“ who take care of small kids from the age till 3 years. That kind of love in between that poor area was fascinating.

No pictures…

Mokattam is really something different. But still the people there seemed more content than many „Westerners“ I know….

Then our flight to Luxor, where we have been picked up by a friend of the guide (Emad) which I booked for the Nile cruise. We came in later than ususal, therefore we got an „extra“ tour – the „speedy version“ (before it got dark). We visited Karnak Temple and later during/after sunset Luxor Temple:

Our guide was great – in general it seems that all of them (we had 3 guides in total) had a completed degree in Egyptology and German language and literature studies. The information we received was really impressive, but also not too much.

At the end of the day we checked in to our Nile Cruise ship.