Getting up early for a full day of Cairo sightseeing!!!

After having a brief chat with Hebba, Mohamed picked us up in the morning and we drove to Gizeh for the pyramids. NO TRAFFIC – due to the 6th of October is a big holiday in Egypt. I have been to Cairo before – but never I was so quick throughout the city.

Then of course someone needs to ride a camel – and there was only one option: my dad 🙂

After that we drove to old Cairo, NO TRAFFIC

There we visited Churches, a Synagogue and a Mosque.

… and off we were for some food! Good food of course (on a ship). But Mohamed told us that his „Tahina“ was much better….

After relaxing a bit at the hotel, we headed back to visit Khan el-Khalili – and I had my next shisha AND Sahlab at „el fishawy“ – what a place to be….

My sister, Doris, and my mom of course both found „something“ to buy 🙂 – the merchants were actually quite nice and not as „exhausting“ as the ones we met later at those touristic places.