Yesterday evening I traveled to Panorama, to “test” a different company/area. I stayed in Invermere – in a 5 star resort – for 73 EUR?!?!?

(Thanks ….) – Hotels are really not that expensive apparently during that time. Similar to Revelstoke, there was an outdoor hot tub I used – which was great after that day and the driving!

In the morning then up the mountain to Panorama. Used this company:

It’s really difficult to find any negative thing about Selkirk in Revelstoke, but here are some things I did like better about RK:

+ more like a „family business“ – even though they have a 49 years history !!! – they do apparently 2500 customers per season compared to > 6000 in Revelstoke
there was only one group with 10 customers – but they do run up to 3 in parallel I think
+ Guide had 25 years experience, and was really a good guy!
+ Guide did 2 or 3 extended tests on the snow in regards to avalanches (sliding block tests) – not for us (below tree line again) – but for the future days to get a good understanding. I think this is VERY professional
+ I do believe that they have more glacier runs – they get up to 3.000m. I have seen the area – need to go back and test (we couldn’t go up high due to vis)
+ we did 8 runs that one day (!!!) – because we only did tree runs which are apparently „shorter“ (same lengths as in Revelstoke, if not longer – approx. 800 vertical meters) – we got run 6 for free (5 were included)  I only had to pay 2 extra
+ everything close by – not need for car drives – avalanche tests on the parking lot – heli just next to the parking lot.
+ I think their heli (same model I think) is a bit newer – especially the seatbelts were much more comfortable 🙂
+ the split up the group very quickly to accommodate for quick descends – even with avalanche training and 8 runs we were done by 14:45
+ the ski where muuuuuuch better! That made such a difference! complete new feeling (much more flex!). Sking was so much easier with those.
+ no other group in front of us – and enough room even in those tree runs
– older avalanche transeivers (guides had the new ones though, and they change – they want to test first)
– spliting up the group means only one guide – someone had to go last (one time I volunteered, but I have to admit that I have been in front many times)
– had to go for some other rental place for boots rentals

It was a fantastic day even though we couldn’t go above the treeline. I really need to go back there sometime (meaning next year…)