First day Heli Ski with selkirk tangiers (

What a smooth operation. No stress, everything absolutely well organised. Time for a good breakfast, then training on the avalanche gear and intro to the heli. Nice group as well. There isn’t really anything I could complain about!

Then the first lift with the heli. Even that is worth the money – I like helicopters 🙂 (did enjoy my first ride back in 2007 in Las Vegas into the grand canyon). I briefly think about how I could fly such a thing myself (heli license instead of a PPL license?).

Then we are dropped at the top of the mountain. We knee down, heli gets unloaded and he takes off – an amazing feeling. Then off to skiing.

I can’t really put that into words. The snow is really a lot different the the ones we get in the alps. See the pics and the video. What other should I say that this was the best skiing in all my life!?!? There isn’t really much to add.

Video (video from day 1 – pictures from day 2):