It’s only a 4 hour flight from Puerto Vallarta to Calgary! I had an easy flight at around noon.

Arrival on Friday at 4pm in Calgary. If you believe it or not, this is my first visit to Canada! Immigration officer was very friendly, and I told him I go to Revelstoke, his comment:

But you know that all streets to Revelstoke are closed due to an avalanche? You won’t get there tonight!

Bummer. I had booked the heli for the next day in the morning… Went to the rental car company and they checked again and confirmed that the roads are closed till tomorrow 12 noon.

The drive is already like 5 hours – and the manager advised me on an alternate route wich takes 8 hours, but couldn’t guarantee that this one was feasible as it seems it was unclear where exactly the road block ist. He gave me a GPS Nav (complimentary, as he saw that I want to use my iPhone and he told me that there is no signal in those national parks I have to go through). He said I can try my luck and see if one lane is open – which I did.

I was really nervous. After about 3 hours in the dark with a lot of snow and tiring driving I was able to get through to Golden and new I don’t need to go back for the other route. That was really lucky. I arrived at the hotel at 10pm to find out that I booked like a sweet (2 rooms) – for a very cheap price!

I felt really lucky that day 🙂