Enjoying the sun and the nice temps!

The flight yesterday was quite long. In total about 22 hours door to door. I never book a flight on the 1st of Jan at 10am – that was really tough after New year’s eve. Thanks to Iris/Achim for bringing me to the airport 🙂

Flight was good (premium eco) – but the connection time of 1.5 hours was nearly not enough. Had to run really fast (long lines at Immigration, didn’t identify my luggage at first as it was a new one… 🙂 ) – I just made it to the connecting flight – so all was good.

Some nice walk along the beach on this day. As with my last visit, very “touristy” and many US/Canadian visitors. 1 day is enough here for me – but I really enjoyed the 28° and the sun!

Then the RAMMSTEIN concert. That was really something! There were 5.000 tickets – but I guess it was only 3000 or so people. Still enough to have a good crowd, but felt absolutely amazing to be that close. One of the best concerts ever. I would have expected a bit more fire show – but we were close enough to “feel” the heat of the special effects – can’t imagine the temps on stage!

Another thing which was great is that they REALLY wanted to sell their beer – no need to go anywhere, they were using wheelbarrows and the 0,7l beers were available anytime 🙂

Met two Aussies (Rudd and Darcie) and we had a really great night out! Was great meeting you two!!! Wouldn’t have been as much fun without you!

Next day (3.Jan) I just relaxed, had a huuuuge steak and a shisha 🙂