Today we took the ferry to Macau. Very busy today and booking the tickets in advance didn’t work (didn’t accept credit cards – probably because they are foreign). Also on the automated machines they only accepted Hongkong and Macau credit cards! so we had to stand in line… 🙁

TOOOOO many people….

after the 1 hour ferry ride we went to the old town. Very nice, if there wouldn’t be tooooooooo many people 🙂 So after a while we bought a beer and set down in a not so crowded park – that was nice….

Then we went for a really good Portuguese dinner (owner is Portuguese and was very friendly) at “Fernando’s”. After that off to the new casinos. Not sure which is bigger – Las Vegas or Macau – but the new Macau Strip is similar impressive as the Strip in Las Vegas. Even though the “Venetian” really felt like a copy 🙂 (but it has been 10 years since I’ve been to Vegas).

Time for a few pics: