After returning to BC on the 4th we started our “full body rest program”

The return hike from ABC to BC (close to 17km) was quite exhausting (ony one day):

So now as we have prepared our bodies we have to wait for the actual “Summit push”. Therefore the CTMA needs to finish preparing the ropes and the weather forecast hast to be perfect. That time we use to fully relax our body and get as strong as possible (regeneration). It is common practice to go a bit lower in altitude so the human body has more O2 and a better environment to recover from the last days/weeks.

Yesterday we drove back 3 hours to Shelkar/New Tingri/Xegar/Shegar (no idea whats the real name) to the same hotel (but better rooms). It is difficult to explain how great a real bed and a hot shower can be (we have shower in BC, but that’s something different). This really should help our bodies to recover.

Incredible how “strong” I suddenly feel at this “now considered low altitude” -compared to nearly one month ago. The human body is remarkable.

Today we went to hot-springs – a lot of dirt and sulfur – but supporting the body (was really great) – pics to follow

Tomorrow, 7th we are going back to BC – and hopefully we can start our summit push on the 10th or 11th – Wheather/CTMA permitting.