After two nights it’s time to end our first (and only rotation). All went better than expected. Yes the initial ascent to North Col. was very exhausting, but now I think this was mainly due to the heat in the down suit which is too hot for me. The small one hour hike towards Camp 2 (maybe up to 7200m) in the wind and cold was very pleasant for me – this is the kind of weather the suit is made for! At the end it turns out I was at the highest point out of our team!

My appetite was still very strong (had nearly twice as much as other team members) – but also “the opposite” was very strong (which is not as pleasant on 7050m)

During the days the weather was fine – but it was VERY WINDY during the nights. Yes, our tent broke – but after that I slept very well (apparently I thought „now it’s broken anyways, doesn’t make sense to worry about“). Still better as the other expedition (Kari Kobler), their big dining tent broke down completely.

Sleeping was better than expected, and with the down suite in the -40° sleeping bag it was also quite warm anytime.

So still all good!!!!