Today we arrived at Everest Base Camp (China). We are one of the first and it is quite empty so far. We arrived before our gear so we and our Sherpa’s had to wait a bit.

Our Sherpas are so awesome – really great guys!

It is way more comfortable than I thought it is. Not as cold. Not as windy (we have a good spot). But most importantly: I don’t feel anything in regards to the height (yet). No headache, no nothing. Of course, moving stuff is exhausting, but I feel really great!!!

DISCLAIMER: it has only been a couple of hours… let’s see how the next few days are 🙂

I think the team members also already realize that I need a lot to eat (I think they got that in Kathmandu already). I had 3 bowls of soup instead one or two – but therefore was also the first to „test“ the toilet (more comfortable than the ones in the hotels!) – Next meal in 3 hours!!!! yes!!!