Yesterday we drove from Xigatse to New Tingri. Again quite a long drive.

In the morning we first tried to get more SIM cards for the other group members, and as Daniel and I were successful at last with SIM cards from both, China Telecom (which needs China devices, Daniel bought a phone, I bought a 3G Stick) and China Mobile (which works with international phones, with newer iPhones and even one Samsung also on 3G!) we thought this is easy.


We tried more China Mobile cards, but now they didn’t accept international passports (which they did for Daniel and me). So our local contact put it on his ID card – but could only get 3 cards (we needed 6). One store employee also gave his ID-card but only had room for one more SIM. So we are still two SIM short.

I also wanted to get a SIM card from China Telecom for the Stick I bought (couldn’t get a SIM as it was too late then). But after 15 minutes waiting we drove on.

to be continued….


The drive was long again. Somehow this time the driver wanted to make up for the time of the last leg. He drove crazy! Going up and down passes the car nearly „jumped“ and the bags in the back nearly fell onto our heads! After surviving this ride, there can’t be much more danger on everest 🙂

We passed a pass at 5261m !!! (Gyatso La Pass) – really nice – and no issues with the hight so far! (no headache or so)

Arrived at the hotel we had to move to the old part. I didn’t expect much and it is ok – even though there was no heating or hot water (luckily we have our equipment like sleeping bag with us).

Today we went for a nice little hike – approx. 400m altitude difference. This hike also went better than expected given the height we are in.

Relaxing this afternoon – an tomorrow we drive to the CHINESE EVEREST BASECAMP!!!!!