We started today, 7:30am local time (Kathmandu) for Lhasa (Tibet).


Flight to Lhasa is 1:30min – so you would expect this is done in no-time!!!!?


Well, it is now 01:00am (local time) —- in Chengdu (Sergenti Hotel) which is further away from Lhasa then Kathmandu!!! (way further!!!!)


Hopefully tomorrow we get to Lhasa….




The whole story in short:


Flight was scheduled for 11:30


When we arrived delayed to 12:30


We boarded


Sweated in the plane for one hour (technical defect)


got out of the airplane


waited (got some lunch)


boarded again at around 4pm


flew towards Lhasa


Whether => redirected to Chengdu


China immigration (without China Visa – we “only” have one for Tibet)








We made the best out of it and had some really nice street food across the street (Hotel restaurants already closed)


keep on thinking positiv!!!!