A relaxed place. Even though it is supposed to be the high season, there are not too many tourists here. I have a better feeling about this place here than Ambergris cay on Belize.

Diving is ok, but not mind blowing for me. Great corals but there were not too many fish. We saw some nice things (turtles, sting rays, moray eels, eagle rays, etc.) – but I would have expected more.

Visibility and water temperature were great! (no wet suit for me!)

The guides from the hotel dive shop (seagrape) were fantastic (Thanks Clive!). They make the difference, if I come back to the Caribbean for diving and I had to choose between Panama (Bocas del toro), Belize, Mexico, Bahamas and Roatan – it would be Roatan.


What I really regret: I missed the Lion fish….

Lion fish is an invasive species here and bad for the environment. Therefore you are allowed and welcome to hunt them. Clive gave me his spear and I had only one chance to catch one. And I missed….. 🙁

I really enjoyed my stay here.