Thanks to Brian we were able to see the Superbowl in a school (NCA, a private American school, quite expensive one). Even though I like to see and interact with local people, Superbowl is about atmosphere and whats better than watching this with a bunch of Americans 🙂

And: (especially for Timo/Karibik) there was a chilli “cook-off” – with about 20 different home made chilli pots! (as well as many cookies and similar stuff).


What a super bowl… Everyone who was able to see it knows what I’m talking about – anyone else: watch for yourself 🙂

(However, I think I was the only patriots fan in the building …. )

An interesting pattern appears: Last time I was travelling, my football team (FC Bayern) won the champions league, the cup and the league. This time, my favourite american football team (Patriots) win the super bowl… hmmmmmmm… My teams only succeed if I’m travelling….