Brian invited me to join an MMA (mixed martial arts) event in Ocotal. We hired a van (15 persons) in Managua and took many of the fighters up to Ocotal. Also in our van: special guest two time world champion boxer (IBF Super Flyweight Champion and IBF Bantamweight Champion) Luis Perezérez

It was a really nice drive to Ocotal, with a changing landscape and some nice hills (discussing with Brian the difference between hills and mountains for an Austrian 🙂 )

Up there the event (fighting in a cage) was already in its final preparation steps. I went to have some food with all the fighters and was able to see the event from the organisers/fighter view. I saw their preparation and how the rules where explained. This was really interesting. But then, Brian asked me if I could be could be a judge for these fights ?!?!? Initially I was hesitant, but then I agreed and followed the fights (7 fights) as close as even possible – and I was a judge! (Most decisions where knockouts or similar though – but I felt important). The last round was difficult for me to judge, as there was good fighting from both sides. I chose the one I thought is more aggressive and offensive – as I don’t like passive fighters. It was very close in my opinion.

We drove back to Managua the next day.

There should be more Brian’s out there, who just DO stuff (in this case organizing events) – then just find the negative side on everything.

Good luck Brian! Don’t give up! I wish you all the best!