The first impression was really good. The climate is just so much better as Austria/Germany at the moment 🙂

However, I soon discovered that many of the restaurants in the centre where made for tourism (especially for US). By far not as bad as in the Bahamas, and just one little strip. After I asked the hotel about where locals go to eat I found the real Nicaragua. Much better 🙂

The hotel staff was absolutely amazing. So friendly and helpful. They were also ok for me to practise my Spanish – so we only communicated in Spanish. (Must have been terrible for them – as my Spanish isn’t getting any better!) At least for this kind of stuff it is sufficient though…

When I spent two days with Herling I realised that I am far from being able to have a conversation…

I can really recommend Hotel Kekoldi in Granda!

They also had no problem with me changing my plans several times! Originally I booked my whole stay with them (checkout Monday).

  1. I got invited to Ocotal by Brian (see later posts) and I wanted to go to León for volcano surfing => checkout Friday
  2. I found Herling and decided to go to Ometepe instead of León => checkout Thursday
  3. I realized that I need a place to stay after Ometepe => check-in again on Friday for one night