By powerboat to Exuma Islands. Quite remote and untouched. Agenda:

  1. feed some iguanas on a nice beach
  2. food and beers at 11am
  3. feed stingrays
  4. more food more beers
  5. Guide feeds sharks (contrary to yesterday with diving I DO NOT APPROVE the way they work with the sharks. not good at all. the only drawback of this adventure)
  6. more food (delicious BBQ!!!) and more beers
  7. snorkelling
  8. guide shows how to prepare the famous conch salad
  9. eat totally fresh conch salad – well I couldn’t eat anymore just taste
  10. more beers

A really nice day. The only drawback I found that the way they feed the sharks is not professional. They bait them with nearly no meat and pull them on land and out of the water. This can’t be how sharks are used to get their food. When feeding them while diving it seemed quite natural (well, as it can be) – but this was just a show for the visitors – with no respect for the sharks. It just didn’t feel right!

Therefore I wouldn’t recommend that tour – as it showed sharks as beasts and bad and everything else Hollywood and the press stigmatise them for. No educational parts in it – and everyone was for sure affirmed of their sight on sharks and no one will for example do anything against shark finning. Really too bad – would be such a good opportunity to educate people…