What a difference… I had to add two pics from leaving Munich… The flight was a bit long and US imigration took very long as usual (I had 2:10hours for my layover in Philadelphia – but had to run really fast to get my connecting flight! but I made it).

The temperature, weather and water were great – but the island is a bit too touristy for my taste. So many Americans (apparently 75% US/Canadian visitor). I don’t know how many tourists – but definitely too many. Big Hotels, DunkinDonut, BurgerKing, etc … Similar to Cancun/Mexico this felt more to be like in the US than on the Bahamas. Don’t get me wrong! It was fine for a couple of days and I had some nice experiences (diving, stingrays and powerboat) – but not quite my preferred type of destination for more than 3 days 🙂