A relaxing day without too much on the agenda. Started with visiting the Dubai mall for some shopping (well for me: eating). We chose to go not for a “healthy, fat reduced burger chain” but instead went to “FAT BURGER”. The name is well chosen. Even though we didn’t take the quadruple burger and only the triple burger – that was a LOT OF MEAT (and fat).  What a breakfast 🙂
So of course we had to go for a shisha to digest and were able to watch the famous “fountains” of the Dubai Mall.

After that we made our way to the old part of Dubai and went to some souks (markets).

Back in the hotel in the evening we chilled a bit and went for some easy/light dinner at Youssefs Shisha place at the Marina 🙂

A brilliant day!


450g MEAT – 1350-1550kcal …