Well, this is the end of my one year journey around the world. I can’t possibly explain what an experience this was. Meeting the people, cultures, sights, beers, food, attractions, activities, mountains, dive spots, golf courses etc for which someone might need a lifetime for! SERIOUSLY!!!!

This has been much more exiting than in my wildest dreams. I need to do this again at some point (already have some destinations in mind, like Himalayas region and more diving maybe in Palau or Turk). No blog, text, picture, video can really capture this…

But now it’s time to go back home. I’m extremely happy to see my family and mates again but also extremely sad that it’s over.

But to be frank I think I need some “regular” life again for some time now. 1 year is a good timeframe – and I hope I’m able to do this again in a couple of years (whereas 2 years is already “a couple” 🙂 ).

About Moscow: Really nice – but skip visiting the Kremlin if you stop by. Not worth it. But the rest is cool. Red Square – especially by night was really nice. Also very good food. Very impressive buildings EVERYWHERE. A very suitable city to end a 1 year journey.