Now 3 days/2 nights of to the country side. Sleeping in ger camps – traditional Mongolian tents which are still being used my the nomads today (still a lot of people, I think our honcho said 40%, live a nomadic live). Long drives to get there (for example it took us 8 hours to get back to UB) – but definitely worth it! Such a nice landscape – I was blown away….
We also had the opportunity to talk to a local nomad – and ask many questions. Helped a lot to get a better understanding of Mongolia. Even though I still don’t believe that they only need 30 minutes to tear down and to build up the ger (the move 4 to 5 times a year).
Near the first ger camp was a small hill – which needed to be conquered of course… But even though it was a very small one (only like 21 minutes to the top) – the views up there were really stunning. And the last bit with rock-climbing was a bit challenging 🙂
Then for a nice sunset ….

Second day was good as well. Camel ride (separate blog), big monastery, museum, and 3 bottles of Vodka at the evening as we met another VodkaTrain tour. (but the Vodka made the 3rd day – 8 hours in the car – a bit tough 🙂 )