I never imagined that Sumo ringers train that hard. Absolutely stunning. Check the Video!
This one guy was going so far beyond his limit – I really thought he will die just now!

I have much more respect of that sport now – was a very good lesson! And so much good information about that sport from my tour guide – Reiko (She was the best guide you can have!)

(only drawback: they train early: needed to be ready at 7:15am — but there are other “stables” who train at 6am!)

I was especially impressed that there whole live is about Sumo. They live at the stables – get up very early – train very hard for 3-4 hours EVERY DAY – eat – sleep – eat – sleep – train… etc… (and I still can’t imagine how much they must eat based on the amount of kcal they must burn with their weight with that kind of training!!!)

In the afternoon we went to the famous Shibuya Crossing. not as many pedestrians as I thought – but still plenty.