At the end of the tour for the Sumo ringers Reiko invited me/us (Brandon) to a “Sumo Pub” – which turns out to be the smallest pub I’ve ever seen – run by an Ex-Sumo. All her friends were there as well (all tour guides – so no communication problems) and all of them in traditional dresses. Looked really nice. We then had some food (what Sumos normally eat) and where asking how much he had eaten while active. One meal was like 10 of these bowls (I had one!) + 8 bowls of rice… ONE MEAL! not one day! WOW

Then the Karaoke started – and everyone knows I’m not a big fan – but hey they could all sing! WOW. Especially the Ex-Sumo… I couldn’t defend myself forever and had to sing a Queen song as well – horrible!!!

I also got a picture then with an active Sumo 🙂

Lots of beer and even more sake. Again a really cool night out in Tokyo! The only problem was getting up at 5am to catch my flight to Seoul after all this sake till 2am (?).