The trip from Gotemba to tokyo took a bit longer than planed (4 hours instead of 2 hours by bus) – as there was so much traffic (end of Obon). But once in Tokyo I had to rethink my “not much English here” experience. The hotel staff spoke very good English and was very helpful. Also in many other areas English wasn’t an issue anymore.
The hotel was really nice – a newly build hotel – but in japanese style with futon beds. Lovely rooms! Even though getting up from the futon bed the next day (after hiking Mt. Fuji) was not as easy as I expected!
With Brandon (an Aussie from the same hotel) I went to walk around in the city and we had a shisha in Roppongi. Quite a nice day – but the evening was even better (no pictures). The hotel staff recommender us a different area than Roppongi (expats, etc) – so we went to Shinbashi instead – where Japanese go. It really seemed we where the only Gaijins there! – but not long and some Japanese (business man – looked like he/they just came from work 🙂 ) invited us to a “traditional Japanese standing bar” and we had a lot of fun, beer, and some food there. Nice chat with the guys and we just made it to the last metro (where we missed our exit – but hey…). When we wanted to pay it seemed the these friendly fellas paid everything already! Felt a bit guilty but it was a really good experience of how friendly the Japanese can be!

What a great night out!