What a first impression: no queue at the immigration desk (Hello UK/US!!!!) and a beer vending machine while waiting for the speed train. Everything clean, modern – as expected.

Had quite a nice hotel – even though the staff was not too friendly and only 1 out of 4 spoke english – which is a bit a surprise for such a hotel: http://www.agoraregency-sakai.com/language/en/
But the view from the 24th floor over Sakai was really nice (last pictures – by day and by night).

In general I was quite surprised how few English is spoken in Osaka – was not that easy to get around!

Did some sightseeing the next day and especially the castle was quite impressive. But it was hoooooooooot. Man!!! 38°C is just a bit too much 🙂 – but I will have the cold weather soon enough when back home – so it’s ok.
Nice views from the top floor of the castle (which is a museum as well – but mainly based on “video” and all in Japanese!).

Japan is by far not as expensive as everyone thinks. The **** star hotel was merely 52EUR (would be 200EUR in Munich!) – Metro cheaper, beer also ok. Food was a bit expensive – but that’s because I always had the premium Sashimi 🙂 …. all in all at least HALF THE COSTS AS IN AUSTRALIA!!! (give or take).

The food was sooooo goooooood. Can’t go into details, as otherwise I’m getting hungry again while writing this…