While in Boracay I was thinking what other islands I should visit. Unfortunately I already decided that there isn’t enough time for “Palau” and “Chuuck” (diving) so I was deciding in between Palawan and Cebu… I chose Cebu for diving. Wanted to go to Malapascua to see some tresher sharks – but while researching I found funsundivetravel.com and after some quick emails it turns out they had a 5 day dive safari to southern Leyte to start in a couple of days – which fit my plans (well, just needed to rebook my return flight to Manila to one day later). So I decided to go for 2 days Cebu and then 5 days on the safari.

Flights in South East Asia are really ridiculously cheap. Boracay to Cebu was 35EUR (incl. luggage) and Cebu-Manila 25EUR (+21EUR change fee for flying one day later 🙂 ) … all 1hour or longer flights!

So 1.5 days diving in Cebu was nice – especially as I met Miyeon and we had some good time! Hoping to be able to visit her in South Korea.