After a very exhausting travel from HCMC/Saigon to here (21 hours – 36hours awake – due to bad planing on my side) I arrived in Boracay. What a lovely beach – and very great nightlife – and good (not fantastic) diving. Shishas at nearly every bar (ok, very expensive and apart from some exceptions not very good ones) – millions of dive shops – and one bar next to the other on the beach.

This is really a fantastic place to be! Ok, it was raining a bit much (wouldn’t come back during the rainy season) – but all in all still ok (most of the time only for 30 minutes or so). Met a few nice people there!!!

It’s just a pity that I didn’t have time to test the golf course due to too much diving 🙂 (but with that wind it was maybe the better choice as in that case I didn’t loose 100 golf balls 🙂 )

For the diving see the video “Diving in the Philippines” in the video section. I did my first dive to 40m ! (40.2m)

A very nice way to have dinner as well: buy your fish (still alive!!!) at the market – cross the street – and give it to a restaurant to prepare it. Another customer also bought a fresh fish – and it jumped out of the plastic bag onto the street! Had to “catch” it again 🙂 – That’s what I call fresh!

I need to come back here…. (but there are so many places “… to come back to …” in the meantime!)