Nice little Island – apparently one of the best places in Vietnam for relaxing and beaches. It’s supposed to be Phuket but 10 years earlier. Well, the first thing: visit during the dry season – not the wet season like I did šŸ™‚
The island was quiet – very quiet – very very very quiet – a.k.a: DEAD šŸ™‚
Was a bit better in the evening – but during the day every restaurant was totally empty. I like quiet – but that was a bit too much of it.

It did rain the first day. Went to the close “town” (Durong Dong) – and had a nice evening with some beers with an Aussie. Sad to see how much waste they through into the ocean šŸ™

It did rain the second day. Nevertheless I rented a motorbike and drove to the south. But after half a day I cut my planned tour short (wanted to do the whole Island – did half of it approximately) because it was just too much rainā€¦ But still fun! Especially once when I tried to make a shortcut by following what seemed to be a local – only to find out after crossing a small creek (which was deeper than expected! me feet got totally wet and I thought I drown the bike! maybe 30 – 40cm deep?) that it was a dead end (meaning I needed to go through that creek again!) – As I said: still a fun day!

It was sunny the third day! Of course, because this was the day I’m leaving!!! But I still had until 3pm before leaving for the airport so I did get my share of sun, went for a swim in the ocean and had a couple of beers at the beach (which was like a couple of km with maybe 8 people in total on it!)