5.00am start!!!! How stupid am I? This is supposed to be vacation! But the reason was to see the sunrise on the Mekong and also the floating market which is much bigger than yesterday. We didn’t see a sunrise (or the sun for that matter 🙂 ) – but apparently the market is only busy in the morning hours. Apparently the local people tend to get up very early in general (4am?) and call it a day at like 8/9pm…
Can Tho was more like I expected Vietnam to be (compared to HCMC) – not sure how to describe but it was very interesting. After the early start on the Mekong we went to the local market (where they keep many fish alive for freshness) – and after a nap (the time was allocated for breakfast – but I just couldn’t resist that cosy bed 🙂 ) we went through the city again.

I already got a nice view of the city the evening before. As I have time I put up the challenge to find a place where I can get a Shisha. I found two references on the internet (both not too old – Dec. 2012) – but both places where shut down already (took me quite some time to find them in the first place!). But because of my search I got a nice overview of the city.

At around noon I made my way to the airport in order to fly to Phu Quoc.