Got to Siem Reap by bus (6 hours) and it was a nice drive. Nevertheless, after being on the bus for 2 hours I decided to change my original plan which was to use the bus again to get to Ho Chi Minh City/Saigon (Vietnam – 13 hours!) – and booked a flight instead 🙂

As EVERY PRICE in asia so far is up for bargain I discussed a while with a TukTuk driver to get a decent price for him to drive me to Angkor Wat for a full day (13USD to hire him for the whole day). Angkor Wat, the next temple, the next temple, the next temple … everything really amazing and wouldn’t want to miss it. However, after a day I have had enough of temples for a while – so I don’t know how someone can spend the “suggested minimum time of 3 days” at Angkor Wat!!!! As I said, I really liked it but 1 day is enough.

I especially liked the carvings and decoration of the stones which must have been a lot of work. It’s definitely more interesting to see than Machu Picchu – but even though I don’t know “WHY” the “impression” I had from Tikal (Guatemala) were more stunning (even though these temples here are definitely more advanced – but Tikal is older)

Even in a restaurant which has a normal menu you can bargain. The menu said 2$ for a beer – I said I pay 1$ or search for another place (there were plenty) – and without any discussion 1$ was ok for the beer 🙂 (saved me 3$ 🙂 it was hot! )