Just 2 days Singapore – but that’s also sufficient. It’s a city in the end 🙂
The first evening started with a really good food. My hotel was in the center of Chinatown and I had some really spicy but delicious Korean food (spicy chicken).

Next day I did a city tour starting at the botanic gardens which also include an “Orchid Garden” – this would have been something for my sister 🙂 Very amazing. Some rainforest, a lot of ginger, two squirrels, and then the orchids – a nice park in general quite central to the city.

Then to “Orchard road” – very important attraction for Singapore – but it’s all just shops! what should I do here? so I stayed in the bus and continued to little India for lunch 🙂
That lunch… WOW … how could I ever appreciate indian food again once back home? That was amazing. At this stage I really thought Singapore can take the lead as “food city nr. 1” (currently HongKong – sorry Hawaii) – but the last one (dinner) wasn’t good enough so it actually only came in 3rd (Hawaii being Nr. 2 -VERY VERY close to Hawaii).

Then to Sim Lim Square – a shopping center (6 floors!) ONLY for computers and similar (glad to see there is at least a bit of “Nerd” in me 🙂 ). So I went in there… so huge 🙂 (but I couldn’t find my Mares Datainterface for my divecomputer… 🙁 )

Then I wanted to go up high “somewhere” for a nice view and asked a hotel – but they only let guests to the top floor bar 🙁
So I went to the “Singapore Flyer” – which is more or less the same thing as the “London Eye” – nice views (and muuuuuch cheaper)! From the top of the flyer I could see that there is a bar on the top of the Marina Bay Sands – so I knew where to stop next (THANKs so much Lumix 20x zoom 🙂 ). When I arrived there it was already close to 18:00 and they required a smart casual dress code to get up there – but no entry or any special thing. So I went back to the hotel – small break – shower – and went up there for the night at like 20:30. WOW. After the cool view from the Singapore flyer during the day now also on the night – and when I arrived at the top the fireworks started !!!

Apparently I chose the right day as some celebrations gone on that day!
I missed the fighter jets, but at least I got to see some nice fireworks over Singapore from the top of Marine Bay Sands!
2 Beers (very cheap you can expect 🙂 ) and then it was enough for the day …

Having only half a day left I went to the “Chinatown Heritage Center” – a museum just around the corner of my hotel before heading to the MRT to catch my train for Kuala Lumpur/ Malaysia.