I have stayed on Bali for 29 days now (extended my original 23 day stay after the 2nd day). I loved it. It was so different from Australia and New Zealand. AUS and NZ were fantastic for sightseeing and doing stuff – but I wouldn’t go there for relaxing. In Bali you probably can do more sightseeing (haven’t gone up the local volcano or visited some other islands) – but what you definitely can do is to relax. That was the most chilled-out month on my trip – even though I did the divermaster course 🙂 (well, I think it was needed/deserved after the previous 9 months)

I had my Shisha every day (except one day) – beer is cheap and comes in 0.62 liter bottles – food is fantastic and sometimes ridiculously cheap (like 1 EUR for 2 dishes at a local “warung”).

Diving is great and diverse – The Liberty wreck in Tulamben, or the Manta Rays in Nusa Penida… Really cool. The divemaster course (including the EFR and Rescue course) was also very interesting and rewarding. If you want to go diving in Bali go with Planet Nomadas – really nice guys.

Very friendly people.

Sweating my **** off every day – but still I prefer this to what we normally have at home 🙂 (nice weather here… even if it rains it stays warm and the rain is done after 1 or 2 hours).

I could have stayed here even longer… I think Bali would go into the TOP 5 of my list of countries which currently might be “Hawaii, New Zealand, Bali, Argentina, Ecuador” (no order within – and such a list is always difficult to produce).

I really need to visit this place again…