Drove to the Russian Consul on Bali today to get my Visa. Quite expensive – 120USD! (instead of 50USD if I would have gone to the embassy in Jakarta). But hey, I’m happy I was able to get the Visa while traveling.
Rented a motorbike in order to get there – and that even though the traffic is something completely different than in western countries I loved the drive. As everything was set with the consul in 5 minutes I figured I use the time to drive to Uluwati – a very “important” temple apparently. The location at the cliff is why I (and probably many other visitors) wanted to go there.

Nice scenery and many monkeys! I knew they try to steal everything (you are also advised about that when entering) – but once I nearly wasn’t quick enough when one monkey tried to grab my sunglasses out of my hand!

Lovely day and finally done something for the “culture part” while visiting Bali.