On day 2 I went to different sites and also went to one of the “free ranger activities” where they explained even more about the land and the people. Again very interesting – which is a bit uncommon for me to enjoy but the ranger was fun and explained a lot of things.

One thing I want to write down:
He explained about the planing and necessity of the man-made-fires in this land. And his prediction is that due to the fact that in more populated areas like Sydney this isn’t done that at some point there will be a HUUUGGGEEE fire in the blue mountains – and no one will be able to control it as it hasn’t burned there for too long.
We’ll see if he is right…

Then to JimJim Falls. What a nice “off-road” drive (now I knew why you need a 4WD – even though it is more about the high clearance) – Video’s hopefully coming at some day for the driving parts.
Arriving there at like 11am I now realized that there is a hike to the top! YEAH. Again the warnings/estimates didn’t seem to make sense for me (start before 10am – takes 6-8 hours – don’t go alone… etc) – especially as it is only 6km and maybe 500 meters of altitude difference.
So I did it in 2:15 hours (including a break at the top) – and it was definitely worth it.

After that to the bottom of the falls and I think this is the best “waterfall with swimming” I have seen so far (the discussion about crocs we can do later…). Martin P. would have LOVED it! (I did too)

So after refreshing there I didn’t have enough time to go to another attraction I wanted to visit – but I’m so glad that I did all of this on my own because with a tour I would never have had the opportunity to go to the top!

Twin falls have been closed down – but after going as far as possible ( 🙂 ) the water crossing with 80cm (probably more in the center) would have been too high…

another fantastic day.