For today I organized a diving trip for Elena so she could do her first Scuba diving experience and on top of that do her first dive in the Great Barrier Reef. Wasn’t easy to organize due to time constraints and distances we want to cover – but I found a way (going to Lady Musgrave Island from the village called “Town of 1770”)

Unfortunately half a day earlier (yesterday afternoon) they called and canceled as there is too much wind 🙁 REALL bad – the first really “bigger thing” that went wrong sofar on my trip. We still went up to 1770 (or to be exact the close village of “Agnes Waters”) and went surfing instead. Agnes Water is really a cute little village. At the end it still was a nice day – even though we drove nearly 1000km with the car at the end which we wouldn’t have done if we knew earlier that there is no diving.

Surfing (3 hours surf lessons) was really good – but I have to admit that I felt I was much better the first time I tried (in Jacó / Costa Rica). That would need sooooo much training….

Nice views from Town of 1770.
(no surfing pics)