For the next 16 days I’m traveling with Elena – who I know from Buenos Aires (but she is American – was just in B.A. for a couple of months…)

Today: Frasier Island with a 4×4 – that was fun (expensive fun – but wouldn’t miss it!). The good old Landcruiser we hired was really old (650.000km for a 4×4!)- which means good! I love these old off-road cars – new ones just can’t compare… (missed my “Pinzgauer 6Wheel drive” from the Austrian Army though 🙂 ).
I never expected there is a car that is harder to steer (meaning needing more muscle) then the “Pinzgauer” – but now I know 🙂

First a bit 4WD action through the woods (but not too much – had expected more) and then the 75-mile drive… Driving on the beach for AGES! that was nice!

Most tours are 3 days with some 2 day tour offerings (people go there for 4 days?!?! I wouldn’t know what to do!). They told us we can only to “half” the way up – but we managed to see everything there is to see in my opinion (well, except one lake and one attraction I couldn’t “find”). Very effective again.

We saw in this one day (6:45am ferry!):
– Lake McKenzie
– Eli Creek
– Central station (did a 1.5hour walk)
– Indian Head
– Champaign pools
– 75-mile Beach
– Maheno Shipwreck
– Champagne Pools
– Eurong

– Lake Wabby (not enough time – didn’t check the hike distance from the beach)
– The Pinnacles Colored Sands (couldn’t find it?)

What a DAY!!!