Played golf on Hamilton Island Golf Club (which actually is not on Hamilton Island but on Dent Island 🙂 ). On the way there I met Bill and we decided to go on the course together.

Yes it was a bit more expensive as the other courses – but definitely worth it. Nr. 39 on the top rated Aussie golf courses (Golf digest) – and that is true! What a fantastic course… but difficult. When we headed out with the ferry from Hamilton Island to Dent Island I got a bit worried as the ferry captain mentioned “… take many balls – this other guy started with 100 balls and returned with 15…” (and he repeated that more than once!). I arrived with 9 balls and immediately bought another 15 there.

I only came out with 8 balls less than I started with – but that was not because I didn’t loose many balls but found even more 🙂 (I guess at least 15).

The weather could have been better but it was a really good day – also due to the nice company with Bill. Thanks Bill!

On the ferry back it was a bit embarrassing when I met another flight and they mentioned that they found sooo many brand new balls. They asked what I played and I said “pinnacle” – and they said they found sooooo many of those 🙂

A day to remember!