Ok, so Aussies are as slow as Kiwi’s with hiking ๐Ÿ™‚ — suggesting 3 days for a (flat) 30km walkโ€ฆ what are they going to do if they visit the Alps????

So I made it a bit more challenging and extended this to 40km (only <900 meter altitude difference) by starting at the main road (shute harbour road) instead of the forestry road car park and adding both the Wompoo Walk and the Honeyeater track.

What I realized:
– 3/4 of a footlong Chicken Teriyaki Subway sandwich get me going for 26km
– 1/4 of a footlong Chicken Teriyaki Subway sandwich tastes absolutely amazing after 26km!
–ย  it’s not easy to decide to go for an additional 3.6km lookout point (Honeyeater track) after 34km of hiking
– even if it is just 800 to 900m altitude difference – 40km is a long way
– stats were ok with 6:45 hours (pus about an hour break in total) and close to 6km/h average walking speed
– my 44km bicycle ride a couple of days ago apparently wasn’t a big challenge if I can walk 40km ๐Ÿ™