Finally a challenging walk/hike/run in NZ 🙂
Did the “Routeburn Track” today.

Well, I thought 3 days is a too much for the 32km. So I decided to do this in one day. But as this wasn’t challenging enough I thought I have breakfast at Milford Sound first (normally another day trip), and only start the hiking at 9:45am (still means getting up at 5am as it is a 3.5 hour drive to Milford Sound and another 45 minutes back to the beginning of the Track). Additionally I added the two “optional” peaks (Key Summit and Conical Hill – I had two “Gipfel-Bier” that needed a “Gipfel”).

Based on the Brochure the hike (excluding the summits) take 11 to 15 hours (don’t know why this should take 3 days?!?!?) – but still I did it in 6:20 (ok, I admit my goal was 5:30 – but the brochure didn’t show the elevation gain in detail – going up and down quite often)

adding the summits my GPS showed 40km and somewhere between 1700m and 1800m ascent.

So I did 4 days in one 🙂 – very efficient! … and then Furgburger nr. 3 (“The Big Al”: at the bottom of the menu) – then sauna…

It was a really nice hike with absolute beautiful views!!!

What a day!!!