WOW. This day definitely appears in the top-10 of this world tour. I was expecting a couple of dolphins and thought the guide is taking the piss when she mentioned “approx. 400 dolphins” … well…. she wasn’t.
They were so close. They were jumping all over the place. Flips, backflips, “surfing” in the bow wash… and then we got into the water 5 times to swim and dive with them… soooooo close. WOW…. (gopro video to follow)

In addition we saw a few seals and albatross! I was laughing because we saw quite a few albatross and the “Masters in Augusta” Golf tournament was just on 🙂

Again, I can’t really describe it – and the pictures/video won’t be able to explain it either. That’s something you can only “experience first hand”.