First hiking in NZ. Probably the most common hike on the north island. Also famous for Mt. Ngauruhoe = Mount DOOM!!! (LOTR)
They claim it is 8 hours for the crossing (crossing was closed so you had to walk back the same way – but at about half way so it should be the same) – which doesn’t include the two mountain-summits. If you add them as well it would be 13 hours if I remember correctly. I did it in approx. 6.5. (based on my GPS approx. 24km and 1500m ascent)

Really nice hike. The red volcano stones were amazing. AND!!! I found a ring about 200m below Mt. Doom! (did’t dare to put it on yet to see if it is “the one to control them all”). And no, I couldn’t destroy it 🙂

Perfect day again…