Ok, Yesterday I decided to leave Rotorua earlier as the forecast showed more rain, so I booked the Waitomo Caves (next blog entry) for 2pm. With a 2 hour drive I still had time to do some walking in the Redwoods. Originally I wanted to get up early and to the 3.5 hour walk and leave for Waitomo at 11:30am. But in the morning I didn’t want to get up early (and it was raining), so I only got up at like 9am. Rain stopped and I decided to go for the 1.5 hour walk (10:00 am to 11:30 seemed perfect).
I started walking at 10:15am, but when I arrived at the turning point (approx. half way) of the track only 20 minutes passed by. I said to myself that I don’t get up for a 40min. walk – so I did some math and thought I could potentially still do the 3.5 hour walk (the two tracks have these first 20 minutes in common). So I tried… The walk now was a run 🙂 and in the end I did the 3.5 hour walk in 1.5 hours (running most parts). 🙂