That’s traveling in style!

Mr Frank Baker picked us up at Maui with his plane. So great. We flew by (really close) by the tallest sea cliffs in the world (Kalaupapa, Hawaii)

The flight was amazing. We got some really nice pictures of Oahu and of Waikiki. Then we pulled in for landing – WOW… apparently the tower changed the runway on short notice and Frank had to go for (in my view) quite steep approach. I have seen the runway and never thought it is possible to pull a landing like that. That was fun!!!!
Check pic P1050845 and 846… Runway 4R… I loved it 🙂

As if that wouldn’t have been enough the next topic on the agenda was a Hanger party at the Airport. What a hanger – everything little boys in our age ask for 🙂
Cigars, very good Whisky, BBQ, … everything!

Mr. Baker is such a character – and such a nice guy. Amazing. The stories he told. Just such a nice Afternoon at an Airfield. The kind of people he knows (from Mike Myers to some top ranked military generals to Endeavour astronauts…).

The story about the tea-cup (was no tea in there 🙂 ) … I forgott… (was a lot of whiskey) – but it had to do something with Chuck Yeager – and