OK. Martin P. really wanted to do this trip. Pools at Ohe’o or “seven sacred pools”. We got up at 5:30am as it was a long drive. Not much milage – but you couldn’t go fast. Well google said 2:20 minutes (which was exactely what it took us) – but other navigation systems and Scott rather said 3-4 hours. It was a really nice ride. The road was so fun to drive – but only because we had not one single car in front of us. Otherwise it would have been 4 hours… (well there were two cars – but they made some room for us….)
The changing landscape and the nice views along the road were already worth the trip. Really a must do in Maui!!!

When we arrived we did the trail to the falls and took a shower in the falls. Then went back down a little bit and had a nice swim in the river. At the end we saw the “pools” but I have to admit the top with the falls and everything was even better.

A really amazing day again! Just ask Martin P.