Hot Air Ballon / Teotihuacan / Mexico D.F

Arrived yesterday in Mexico City with Inigo and we made plans right away. A “Hot Air Balloon” flights over the ruins of Teotihuacan. What an experience. Yes, I know that a couple days later many people died in Egypt – but we didn’t and it felt totally safe. Seeing this ruins from the top first and then walking around them was the right thing to do.
The ballon ride was much more interesting than I though origninally. But the best thing – which I still can’t believe till today – is that the pilot (you have to call him that based on this achievment) landed on the same spot as we started! Think about i! It’s just a ballon in the wind. The only way he can steer is going to different altitudes with different wind directions. And the landing area wasn’t that huge. This was a navigantional masterpiece.

The temples are impressive. Whether you fly 5 meters next to them with a balloon or standing no top of them.

After getting back to Mexico D.F we walked around a little bit – seen a military excibition on the main plaza. And then a beer with the view of the cathedral.