It was a really good suggestion from the guy in Lago Atitlan to do the Volcano Santa Maria in the morning (4am) – so you can go to the Hotsprings “Las Fuentes Georginas” in the afternoon.
They are in like 2000m m asl! REALL nice – and compared to Costa Rica finally really natural. No big Hotel complexes with nice pools with warm water – NO – you can see the water coming out of the stones.
I started in the “main area” and talked to a guy who is traveling in a RV for I don’t know how many years (American) – taking pictures and writing books (I think he said he is a “professional traveller”) – nice job description! (but he is struggeling due to book sells in general are down).

He also told me about “the pool at the entrace” – and I went there. I was alone. SOOO great. just look at the pictures – this is exactely how I imagind natural hotsprings – in the mountains – in the wild – as less concrete as possible. AND VERY HOT….

Ok, there was a bit of “schwefel” – which you can see up to today on my bath trunks – but hey…
Also, on the central part there was a REALLY hot pool. Not many people went in there. 2 minutes in there felt like 12 minutes in a 90° sauna. I liked it 🙂

Just after the hike – this was really perfect. But after that I didn’t do much as it was a long day (4am pickup for the hike – 8pm back at the hotel).