I didn’t hike the volcano just next to Antigua (Agua) – as it is supposed to be very dangerous (very likely to get ropped – more on this toppic on Volcano Santa Maria… later…)
So I hired a private guide (mainly to also have the transportation to the the beginning of the hike and due to timing pressures) and went up this volcano.
Currently I’m not really fit – but I was quite impressed that I did 590 meters in altitude difference in the first hour (slower afterwards 🙂 ).

The agencies sell this as an 5-6 hours hike – but even though I was a bit slower to the end (altitude, steepness, a bit difficult path because you slided back) I did it in 3:35 (including 2 times 10 minutes break). 1600 altitude difference. Not too bad…

The top was great. So different. The crater on the top was huge. And then we were sitting there (the guide and me – at that point NO ONE ELSE WAS THERE!) and looked over to the next volcano (Volcano Fuego – very close and an active one) – and waited for an erruption (successfully as you can see in one of the pictures). It wasn’t a life-threatening lava erruption – but it was an erruption (hands up who has seen an vulcano erruption?).

I had my “Gipfelbier” (brought one for the guide as well – he took it but didn’t drink 🙁 ) and after like 2 hours relaxing (It was really great!) we made our way back.
Then… guys came up with f**** bicycles!!! They didn’t go to the very top but to like 3800m… Crazy people (So I asked for “JAN” – but he wasn’t there – that was a surprise too)

We went down and theses guys came up behind us with the bikes going down— absolutely crazy (VERY steep!)