That was amazing. Anyone who know me know how much I like “stones” – but in contrast to Machu Pichu this site really impressed me. You can tell by the amount of pictures I took (was surprised myself!). Also I was walking around forΒ  4 hours!!!

Just WOW. Again one of these many things which you can’t really get with pictures.Β  Much much better than Machu Pichu (don’t know why apparently this is so much more famos than Tiakl?)

Mayas beat Inkas πŸ™‚

Interesting to see that they are “cheating” (rebuilding some parts – you can see workers on the pics). Also, that voice from Amsterdamm Airport AMS (“mind you step”) would be much more appreciated here: some steps are just missing πŸ™‚

An awesome day – but a long one (get up at 4:15 am in Guatemala City to catch the flight – return at 10pm). I was really dead afterwards πŸ™‚
(ok, I also was the only one running through the park with a bottle of beer at 10 am (but due to getting up that early it felt much later – and it was HHOOOTTTT!!! πŸ™‚ ). Hasn’t been the last beer though ….