It started really well:

The flight from Costa Rica was apparently booked in business class (even though I didn’t select and/or pay for business class) – they had no seat for business class on the second leg (san salvador to belize) – and gave me 250USD voucher for going economy (total flight cost for both legs was 300USD!).

Well, the luck didn’t last as I was diagnosed with “otitis media” (inflammation of the middle ear) – very bad for diving.

But it ended all good.

– Had some time for the blog on the first day

– Went snorkeling on the second day (video below)

– Played golf on the third day (more on this further down)

– and the doctor allowed me to go diving on the fourth and last day

so all good!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


The golf was really nice. I had the whole island for me alone! SOOOO GREAT… Who can lend me 45 Mil USD?

What an experience…